How to Install Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Desktop…
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How to Install Ubuntu 16.04 1. Download Ubuntu ISO file Download Ubuntu Iso file and save in your PC: Download Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.1 32Bit Download Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.1 64Bit 2. Burn ISO file to DVD or USB Flashdisk If youare using linux, you can create ubuntu installer on Flashdisk using dd command line. If you […]

How to remove uncategorized in wordpress

you can not remove uncategorized normally as long as the uncategorized still in default wordpress category. To remove uncategorized in wordpress cms, first you have to change default category from uncategorized to another. how to remove uncategorized in wordpress 1. Open menu Setting, click Writing

How to install PDF Chain on Ubuntu…
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PDF Chain is a graphical user interface for the PDF Toolkit (PDFtk).PDF Chain generates a command for the PDF Toolkit from the GUI settings and executes it on the system. Therefore the PDF Toolkit must be already installed on the system.

How to fix error mysqldump command Not…
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If you are Webuzo user, may be you ever found error message “mysqldump command Not Found” when you execute mysqldump command. How to fix error mysqldump command Not Found in webuzo? Root cause of error mysqldump command Not Found This error happen because your Linux system in webuzo does not recognize mysqldump command. Why? because […]

How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder on Linux
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Simplescreenrecorder is a desktop activity recorder for linux environment. You can record both Desktop activity or games on your linux. find the tutorial how to install simplescreenrecorder here.
Complete Ubuntu Download Ubuntu 4.04 - Ubuntu…
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Need to Download Linux Ubuntu Desktop with ISO File from Indonesian mirror (Server Indonesia) Starting from ubuntu 4.10 until the latest Ubuntu 16.04

How to Change "Ubuntu Desktop" name in…
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If you wish to change default desktop name “Ubuntu desktop” in Unity panel, become another text like “Bestariweb Desktop” or other text, you can following this step: Step 1: Create Temporary file /tmp/foo.po create temporary file /tmp/foo.po with root privilages: sudo nano /tmp/foo.po add entry: msgid “Ubuntu Desktop” msgstr “Bestariweb Desktop” save with Ctrl + […]

How to Install Pulseaudio-Equalizer in Ubuntu
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Wish to get Better Audio Quality in your ubuntu? You can add Graphics Equalizer feature by installing pulseaudio-equalizer in your ubuntu system. Follow this instruction to install pulseaudio-equalizer:   1. Add pulseaudio Repository to your ubuntu To add PPA repository, run this command line: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 2. Update ppa And then, you can update […]

How to instal Sublime text 3 in…
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Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. Sublime Text available to install for all Operating system. in This Tutorial, Tutorials.ID will share how to install Sublime text in Ubuntu Linux How to Install Sublime Text in Ubuntu Linux 1. Download Sublime text Download sublime text with the following command: wget […]

Best Free CAD Application for Linux as…
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In This Tutorials, we will share Free CAD Aplication as AutoCAD alternative in Linux. We wish this information will usefull for you who looking for AutoCAD alternative in your Linux Environment.
Best 5 Opensource 3D Modelling Software for…
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3DMax or 3D Studio is a famous Application fo Windows Users. Unfortunately, This software still unavailable in Linux Operating System. There fore, We will share Best5 opensource 3D Modeling Software in Linux Operating System. 1. Art of Illusion   2. Blender   3. AYAM   4. K-3D   5. MakeHuman

How to create Symbolic Link (Symlink) in…
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How do I create a symbolic links in Linux Operating System? What is symbolic Links? Symbolic links refer to a symbolic path indicating the abstract location of another file. Symbolic Link also known as short cut in Windows Operating System. How do I Create Symbolic Links in Linux You can use ln command to create […]

How to install Ubuntu Linux on Windows…
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You need linux installation Running instantly on Windows 7? Using Virtualbox to install Linux on Your own Virtual Machine. Watch this video. You will learn how to install Ubuntu Linux in Virtualbox windows

Step By Step how to install Vestacp…

Vesta Control Panel which usually called as Vestacp is one of Free Opensource web panels that help you to easily managed your VPS server. The Latest Vestacp version when this article writted is Vesta 0.9.8-15. Using Vestacp as cPanel Alternative absolutely will save your money. How to Install Vestacp on centOS Linux 1. Login to […]

Best 3 Linux Distro 2016
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Looking for best Linux Distro for your PC or laptop. This article will guide which that suitable for you. below are best 3 Linux distro for your PC or laptop:   1. Linux Mint   2. Debian Linux   3. Ubuntu